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The game is simple, you have to escape a mansion by finding a red key to open the main gate (a red one). In order to find it you will have to complete different tasks and puzzles. Also be aware of the "Ayuwoki"... He can hear you(Literally). To avoid him you can hide in "hide spots" that are located in the furniture, behind objects or under the tables, just keep an eye on the lower right corner icon for an eye with crossed line, that means you are hidden. Anyway, inside the game there is a "instructions" window (i recommend you to read it). Enjoy :).







OFFICIAL DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/8kvnEZZ49s 

OFFICIAL IG ACCOUNT: https://www.instagram.com/deadlycrowgames/

OFFICIAL FACEBOOK ACCOUNT: https://www.facebook.com/deadlycrow.games

OFFICIAL  TWITTER :  https://twitter.com/DeadlyCrowGames

OFFICIAL  WEBPAGE : https://playescapetheayuwoki.com/


IMPORTANT: The macOS and Linux versions has been uploaded but not officially tested yet.




- Added new zones in the map: The bunker,  "Thank you" room.

- Added new item (Green key).

- Added the 2 tapes that were missing last version.

- New voice acting recordings.

- LEVEL CHANGES, some objects has been removed and others has been added.

- Ayuwoki monster patrol points has been re-arranged.

- Ayuwoki's capability of hearing your mic has been modified, now it only hears above -15 db. If you are a content creator and this really bothers you, hold F12 and then press F10 to disable it. Do the oposite to enable it again, hold F10 and press F12. PD: You have to do this each time you start over IN-GAME, not in the main menu.

- Main menu music changed for audio track made by Natal Castro.

- Credits changed.

- Overall progression of the game changed, now you have to follow a linear path to be able to exit the mansion, completing tasks and finding items.


A great thanks to all the people involved in the new update!


DISCLAIMER: This game contains very gory scenes, blood, bodies, flickering lights, etc. So if you are a sensitive person we DO NOT recommend you to play this game. You have been warned. Also this game is inspired solely by a meme/creepy pasta which gained popularity in the past month called "AYUWOKI", which is at the same time  inspired by an animatronic figure. We are not making a joke about anyone or trying to damage the public image of any person or entity with this short game. That said, this is only a horror game inspired by a meme/creepy pasta and nothing more than that. If you give any other meaning to this game it is completely up to you.


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Escape The Ayuwoki (ZIP) - Win 64bit - V1.5 1 GB
Escape The Ayuwoki (ZIP) - Win 32bit - V1.5 1 GB
Escape The Ayuwoki (ZIP) - macOS - V1.5 1 GB
Escape The Ayuwoki (ZIP) - Linux 64bit - V1.5 1 GB

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DeadlyCrowGames, when the Android version of the ayuwoki escape from the final version of it will come out, I heard it launched on iOS, I'm really looking forward to playing it.  I await your answer.


Отличный инди хоррор друзья советую к прохождению,хотя это сделать непросто

Scary game lmao heart attacks did happen.
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its very laggy that it stopped my mac


Just imagine if there was a sequel to this called, "Escape the Thriller." Lmao.

Is there any way you can download the 1.1 version of the game for the prototype game?

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can you make a way to buy the summoning dlc on itch or for mac and there should also be an update like him being blind and you can hold your breath and to make it less impossible

This game was no walk in the park! Never have I felt so much stress, yet so much fun at the same time! Lost count of how many times I died lol. You have to earn your win, in the end I think I did!

Can you add a way we can play the 1.1 version because I really like that one.

This is one of the most scariest hide and seek horror i ever played 

even i did not escape i had fun trolling Michael  since he can hear me which creep me the most 

I really haven't played a game that scared me this much. I was so scared to even leave the beginning part of the game. 10/10 https://youtu.be/btmC6q0PCuk

Loved this game! I played this a long time ago with a friend.


I don’t really play games on my laptop anymore but by the time 1.6 comes out ill be dead

It won't come out, 1.5 is the last version because we have the full release of the game on steam now.

oh ;-;

Sorry I couldn't hee hee out of my way here. Great game. Hoping for more of this.

I have my gameplay of this here:

so i decided to filter through escape the ayuwoki DLC by deadly crow games to find this secret chapter with the new update. Although as this game has grown and developed i have begun to get attached to playing and exploring the new chapters within escape the ayuwoki and how much it has grown from the original beta is just plain awesome and i am looking forward to the next part of the series.


Deadlycrowgames, the game is very good even what is missing is two things, a version for Android and iOS and subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese to make it perfect ♡♡


so is the dlc included with this downloadable version?

Had to pull out the crossovers on this one

I'V3 NeV3r FeLt s0 Tr@pP3d !N My L!F3

My Gameplay on Chapter 1 of the DLC in French



Honestly, someone suggested that I play this game recently... but I couldn't even finish it in this lets play, it was just so scary, and he kept killing me!!! 😭But, everyone seemed to love this game (and so do I), so I'm definitely going to try and beat it in my next video!

Great job making such a good game!! 😆😆

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This game is so wild. I started a series on it this part 1 of being scared out of my mind. This is the steam version. Thank you for the great game!

This ain't about Michael Jackson anymore, the update is a whole new breed


Really Scary. Chp 1 full gameplay


so, this was my first video revisting the escape the ayuwoki series with the new summoning DLC with new mechanics and puzzles. not exactly hard to beat in terms of skill. but its good to use your head otherwise you spend a good hour trying to figure out how to beat the level within the mansion which may confuse some new players nether the less it was a good add on to the main game.


ITS SO HARD TO BEAT... lol Awesome job! 


I made a compilation the best moments I had in the game, can't wait for the DLC to come out :)


This game will forever night my mare's. Great Job devs! Buying the official release on steam 💯 


this is a very scary game gives me the creeps


Great game, very spooky although my microphone doesnt work i've tried the F10 and F12 thing and all, please help. Thank you

I pissed myself when he kept chasing me..

What the hell was that thing walking on the wall!!??

Hey is there any way for me to extract the files? Im trying to play on my school computer but I cant unzip it after downloading. (Ive really been looking forward to playing this game so any help would be greatly appreciated)

Such a dope game

When are you going to release the 1.6 or 1.5.5 or whatever update on Escape The Ayuwoki? Please respond.!


Could anyone help me on this I would like to download version 1.1 but I've been looking everywhere for it do download but I can't find it plz someone help me 

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We as a small indie team wanted to thank every single one of you guys for playing our game! More news and content is yet to come :)) !

Awesome game!  Thank you for supporting Linux as well!

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