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The game is simple, you have to escape a mansion by finding a red key to open the main gate (a red one). In order to find it you will have to complete different task and puzzles. Also be aware of the "Ayuwoki"... He can hear you(Literally). To avoid him you can hide in "hide spots" that are located in the furniture, behind objects or under the tables, just keep an eye on the lower right corner icon for an eye with crossed line, that means you are hidden. Anyway, inside the game there is a "instructions" window (i recommend you to read it). Enjoy :).


OFFICIAL DISCORD SERVER:  https://discord.gg/kAJpwDR


IMPORTANT: The macOS and Linux versions has been uploaded but not officially tested yet.
IMPORTANT 2: We haven't been able to beat the 1.4 version, so you may find bugs and glitches related to the progression of the game, so we really appreciate if you could reach to us to tell us about them (just in case you find one) :) .
IMPORTANT 3:  TO PLAY to game you have to extract the game files from the ZIP  you just downloaded. To do this you most likely need WinRAR or 7zip program to extract the files. Why? because i had to compress it with a weird ZIP format (LZMA) since the game its about 2gb, and itch.io only allows me to upload max. 1gb files.




- Added new zones in the map: The basement, Golden door's room.

- Added new items (Golden key, Red key, Clock hands, Crowbar).

- GLOW of items has been removed, now its harder to spot them.

- New voice acting recordings.

- Now if you die more than 3 times, intro scene is skipped.

- Added new "smoothness" to the mouse look.

- LEVEL CHANGES, some objects has been removed and others has been added.

- Added scattered RECORDING TAPES with game lore (in this version you will be able to find 8 out of 10, the 2 tapes left will be available in v1.5).

- Ayuwoki monster now is 40% larger.

- Ayuwoki monster killing animation now runs faster.

- Ayuwoki's speed has been changed, from 6.25 m/s to 4.33 m/s, but its 40% faster when crawling.

- Added easter-egg pictures.

- Removed realtime-hour mechanic where the special zone door opened past midnight.

- Added new mechanic where the Ayuwoki monster is able to hear you through your computer's microphone (Above -30 db). (If you are a content creator and this really bothers you, hold F12 and then press F10 to disable it. Do the oposite to enable it again, hold F10 and press F12.) PD: You have to do this each time you start over IN-GAME, not in the main menu.

- In-game radio's music changed to audio tracks done by @Lilspoiled.

- Instructions changed.

- Credits changed.

- Overall progression of the game changed, now you have to follow a linear path to be able to exit the mansion, completing tasks and finding items.


A great thanks to all the people involved in the new update!


DISCLAIMER: This game contains very gory scenes, blood, bodies, flickering lights, etc. So if you are a sensitive person we DO NOT recommend you to play this game. You have been warned. Also this game is inspired solely by a meme/creepy pasta which gained popularity in the past month called "AYUWOKI", which is at the same time  inspired by an animatronic figure. We are not making a joke about anyone or trying to damage the public image of any person or entity with this short game. That said, this is only a horror game inspired by a meme/creepy pasta and nothing more than that. If you give any other meaning to this game it is completely up to you.


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Escape The Ayuwoki (ZIP) - Win 64bit - V1.4 1 GB
Escape The Ayuwoki (ZIP) - Win 32bit - V1.4 1 GB
Escape The Ayuwoki (ZIP) - macOS - V1.4 1 GB
Escape The Ayuwoki (ZIP) - Linux 64bit - V1.4 1 GB

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Had great fun checking this game out! Without a doubt, Im coming back to this when it next updates!?! 

Your headphones are bigger then your head.

Fun Stuff 10/10

I did more bad things to this game.

hi, big thx for the scary game :) greetings from germany

sraynoga map player






This game is really good, there's a lot of focus on both ambient fear and jumpscares from him catching you. Nice job on it!

hello will you try my games too its free? https://ricreator.itch.io/house-of-celestina

here is a step by step guide on how to complete version 1.4 :D 

Hope you like it and beat the game

This update changed everything! I loved the new mechanics, puzzles and lore elements that were implemented into the game! I can not wait to see what mysteries and horrors await us in Part 2! Keep up the amazing work my friend! :)  

Really enjoyed the new update! Awesome new puzzles and lore from the tapes! Loved the portrait of clumsy  :P Looking forward to the new updates! 

The fact that he can hear u now is 10x harder! I LOVE IT!


This was a really great game.


If you like what you saw in this video consider checking out my channel out LINK BELOW!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

So, I was playing the game and I got into the golden room right? Well I was looking for a place to hide and tried crouching underneath that chair leaning against the back wall, the one next to the flipped table. The moment I released control to see if I could hide there, I was forced beneath the floorboards, and fell into the darkness, killing me immediately. Also, in the basement, I was able to walk through several objects in the room.

Thanks!, adding more colliders and hiding spots for 1.5 :)

It took me 20+ goes but I got there in the end.. Extra difficult because I coughed at the worst possible times. Really good game though and fun to play, developer has something special going on here.


I had so much fun with this game! Simple yet challenging!

the version for apple doesn't work :(

why? there is a support channel in our discord server :D

This time I return as a voice actor! >:D


Awesome terrifying game but i just adored the story such an original concept a chilling adventure indie horror gold

The Ayuwoki kiiiinda looks like iCarly. Might be a fun extra gamemode

Hey, I'm wondering where I can find the new music that plays on the radio in version 1.4, thanks.

Very Nice >> 

So, first time playing this, have to say the game is pretty creepy! The jumpscares got me quite a few times, but If I have to hear He-He one more time, ima He-He myself out a window. Great game though!

i just wanna to say thanks so much u had done to this game i enjoy the update cant wait to see what happen next


this game is a super horror game


Hey Deadlycrow Games,  if you need a childs voice for part two (age 13-14 is me) you can hit me up through my email at sonicmania1992@gmail.com and if it's okay to be in Michigan. Thanks, Rand0m

Bro! How do I disable this feature? I can't record like this. (I couldn't find you on dis.)

read the changelog :D

This game scared the crap out of me! Great Job:D

This was awesome!! :D Can't wait for part 2 ;)

I am so happy I decided to come back to play this game again. The secret room puzzle took some time for me to figure out, but it was a blast to playthrough on my channel! I can't wait to see what you've got in store in the next update! Keep up the amazing work! 

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