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The game is simple, you have to escape a mansion by finding a red key to open the main gate (a red one). In order to find it you will have to complete different tasks and puzzles. Also be aware of the "Ayuwoki"... He can hear you(Literally). To avoid him you can hide in "hide spots" that are located in the furniture, behind objects or under the tables, just keep an eye on the lower right corner icon for an eye with crossed line, that means you are hidden. Anyway, inside the game there is a "instructions" window (i recommend you to read it). Enjoy :).






OFFICIAL DISCORD SERVER:  https://discord.gg/kAJpwDR

OFFICIAL IG ACCOUNT: https://www.instagram.com/deadlycrowgames/


IMPORTANT: The macOS and Linux versions has been uploaded but not officially tested yet.




- Added new zones in the map: The bunker,  "Thank you" room.

- Added new item (Green key).

- Added the 2 tapes that were missing last version.

- New voice acting recordings.

- LEVEL CHANGES, some objects has been removed and others has been added.

- Ayuwoki monster patrol points has been re-arranged.

- Ayuwoki's capability of hearing your mic has been modified, now it only hears above -15 db. If you are a content creator and this really bothers you, hold F12 and then press F10 to disable it. Do the oposite to enable it again, hold F10 and press F12. PD: You have to do this each time you start over IN-GAME, not in the main menu.

- Main menu music changed for audio track made by Natal Castro.

- Credits changed.

- Overall progression of the game changed, now you have to follow a linear path to be able to exit the mansion, completing tasks and finding items.


A great thanks to all the people involved in the new update!


DISCLAIMER: This game contains very gory scenes, blood, bodies, flickering lights, etc. So if you are a sensitive person we DO NOT recommend you to play this game. You have been warned. Also this game is inspired solely by a meme/creepy pasta which gained popularity in the past month called "AYUWOKI", which is at the same time  inspired by an animatronic figure. We are not making a joke about anyone or trying to damage the public image of any person or entity with this short game. That said, this is only a horror game inspired by a meme/creepy pasta and nothing more than that. If you give any other meaning to this game it is completely up to you.


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Escape The Ayuwoki (ZIP) - Win 64bit - V1.5 1 GB
Escape The Ayuwoki (ZIP) - Win 32bit - V1.5 1 GB
Escape The Ayuwoki (ZIP) - macOS - V1.5 1 GB
Escape The Ayuwoki (ZIP) - Linux 64bit - V1.5 1 GB

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Top notch production. Really hard though. 

This Game Is AWESOME!




Playing Escape the Ayuwoki at 3am. This was our second attempt at escaping. Consider subscribing and liking our videos!

I did another video on version 1.5 of Escape the Ayuwoki waiting for the Remake :)

This is completely off topic, but I would love to see the game on ps4 and Xbox. That would be really sick. Hope that comes in the future :)

Nah man definetly need a new pair of pant after this


Bro this is so creepy!



Amazing Game!


Rather good, keep it up and can't wait for the update to come out.

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This was our first time playing Escape the Ayuwoki.

I downloaded the 64 bit version of the game, and when I went to extract the zip folder, nothing was in it, so it couldn't extract. Why is this?

Try playing in a window and not full screen. We also had this issue at first.

I didn't even get to the game setup, if I go to my files and find the ETA zip folder, and click extract all, I get an error message saying that there's nothing in the file so it cant extract.

I tried to install and donated 10 dollars now i cant find the download on my computer

first you need to click download now then you'll see the 

No thanks, just take me to the downloads

above amount of money click that affer that  it will take to the link i guess you'll know what to do next huh? 

Try playing in a window and not full screen. We also had this issue at first.


Hi, I am trying to install a new version of the Ubuntu Linux.


I'm just using this account for further notice but I played it and here is the link and please... chapter 2

lol this is creepy.

Super Creepy..

well it was creepy an scary and it was entertaining, thank you also here is my play through of it  

The cover picture almost (ALMOST) looks like Michael Jackson!

eh-heh P)

because it is Michael Jackson the name ayuwoki is a play on words for are you okay from i think smooth criminal

Is that Michael Jackson?


When will the release of ayuwoki v1.6 ????  I am waiting online ~


I was recommended to play this game by a couple people. I don't know if the game just hated me from the start but it glitched out on me. AND IT WAS BRILLIANT! xD 

It was a lot of fun, thank you for a crazy experience. 


I had so many people tell me about one key thing I didn't realize. The monster can hear you through the mic!? That's genius!! I also take back what I said about it glitching ... I just didn't know. lol It was fun playing it for a second time. I got a lot further than I did last time. 

I wish there was for Android

Escape the Ayuwoki v1.5 out of map skip mission without clock pin and green key!!!

Played it, liked it, couldn't finish it...



Nice horror game! ;)

OH MY GOD, the storyline is getting very dark and eerie, just how I like it! Thank you once again for including my name on one of the plaques among the other legends. I literally started crying. lol

I know I'm a bit late to the punch, but my god this game keeps getting better and better. The addition of the bunker adds so much to the story we know so far, not to mention how difficult it can be to get inside. Also the Thank You Room. I was shocked to see that I was included, and it's a huge honor to be apart of. So thank you so much for everything you've done! 

Lol I'm such a scaredy cat i cant play this cause i have nobody to play it with and its scary lol but i love the game!

multiplayer for this would be super fun

bruh, I just tried to play this and when the game was loading after I chose the language nd all that, the music came in. it slowly started getting glitchy but I thought it was meant to be like that so I just ignored it. the whole screen froze and this rlly annoying high pitched sound came on (music wasn't playing at this point either). my laptop didn't respond to anything and I had to force shut it down with the turn on button. (took a few tries, too). im scared to try it again cause I don't want anything bad to happen lol. any ideas why this might've happened?

I beat it, beat it, no else can seem to defeat it ;)

Lets try again lol. Part 3

you give no checkpoints, you make him sprint 4 times faster than you, and your character makes random ass noises that trigger him to come to you. there's a difference between making a hard game and being  a dickhead developer, and you guys are really pushing it. especially when you get the red key from the bunker and start to head back up the stairs just for you character to randomly scream to trigger him to kill you, making you start back from the beginning. how is that supposed to be any fun?

damn lil salty my brudda

Great game, but I'll admit it got to me too easily. I'll definitely play this to completion.

i cant start the game it always says the dll isnt being read

why does the Ayuwoki look like Momo?

Why does my screen keep spinning and I can't stop?

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