- Added new zones in the map: The basement, Golden door's room.

- Added new items (Golden key, Red key, Clock hands, Crowbar).

- GLOW of items has been removed, now its harder to spot them.

- New voice acting recordings.

- Now if you die more than 3 times, intro scene is skipped.

- Added new "smoothness" to the mouse look.

- LEVEL CHANGES, some objects has been removed and others has been added.

- Added scattered RECORDING TAPES with game lore (in this version you will be able to find 8 out of 10, the 2 tapes left will be available in v1.5).

- Ayuwoki monster now is 40% larger.

- Ayuwoki monster killing animation now runs faster.

- Ayuwoki's speed has been changed, from 6.25 m/s to 4.33 m/s, but its 40% faster when crawling.

- Added easter-egg pictures.

- Removed realtime-hour mechanic where the special zone door opened past midnight.

- Added new mechanic where the Ayuwoki monster is able to hear you through your computer's microphone (Above -30 db). (If you are a content creator and this really bothers you, hold F12 and then press F10 to disable it. Do the oposite to enable it again, hold F10 and press F12.) PD: You have to do this each time you start over IN-GAME, not in the main menu.

- In-game radio's music changed to audio tracks done by @Lilspoiled.

- Instructions changed.

- Credits changed.

- Overall progression of the game changed, now you have to follow a linear path to be able to exit the mansion, completing tasks and finding items.

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sorry guys i just download escape the ayuwoki v1.5 i just completed with no deaths

deadlycrow games help me add a new file escape the ayuwoki v1.4 please

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hi deadlycrow games i want to download escape the ayuwoki v1.4 can you help me


this game is incredibly frightening!