- Added new special zone in the map: The secret room (available after midnight).

- Added new PUZZLE in the new zone.

- Added new KEY which is always in the same place (new zone).

- New voice acting recordings performed by John and Liliana.

- Added new graphic quality "LOW" in the dialog window.

- Fixed fall death.

- LEVEL CHANGES, some objects has been removed and others has been added.

- Added scattered drawings with game lore.

- Fixed some collision bugs.

- Key spawn points has been re-arranged. Now there are less spawn points.


- Instructions changed.

- Credits changed.

- Fixed some hide spots.

- Added extra sounds.

- A bunch more of minor fixes.

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deadlycrow games add eta_1.4_win64

(1 edit)

and also changelog v1.4 to changelog v1.5

and also deadlycrow games please add the clumsy king video is escape the ayuwoki v1.4 please

The downloads says that they're 18 days old.


yep! i just backup the old changelog in here :) current 1.4 its on the description of the game :D

how to download 1.4 in 2021