- Now the Ayuwoki can catch you if you have your flashlight turned on when you are hidden.

- Screen flickering fixed.

- Added extra sounds.

- Now you can turn on/off the radios.

- Added gameplay pause menu with key ESC to restart the level or go back to the main menu.

- Now the antialiasing quality changes when you change the graphic quality. The modes are the next ones: High -> TAA, Med -> SMAA, Low -> NoAA.

- Ayuwoki's speed increased from 5.5 to 6.3, now you can't escape running from him, he will eventually catch you.

- The light of the KEY has been increased, so its easier to see.

- The spawn points of the KEY have been re-arranged so now it can appear in more visible places.

- Added extra lights to the scene.

- Intensity of the blue "night" light increased to have a better sight in the dark.

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same for me but i can try to make one on unity


how do you download this version please answer please!!!


ok screw you.