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HeeHee! maybe one of the best indie horrors iv'e ever played 

Thanks man! really appreciate it! stay tuned for the next update :)

How can you Make So good game?

☠️ MICHAEL JACKSON HAS BEAT ME! | Escape The Ayuwoki ☠️

Michael Jackson has beat me in Escape The Ayuwoki! This Michael Jackson horror game was actually really fun but hard! Come see the Michael Jackson scary game in all it's glory 🔥 

Really great gameplay! haha stay tuned for the new update, new features coming!

So I played this, was rather difficult my god was it scary, the idea of running and not getting away when you are found increases the difficulty but considering the true length of the game I can see why, I got so much chills after playing this game and I dont think I can sleep at night easily without hearing "Hee Hee" >.> haha great game tho all seriousness had a blast! 

Cool gameplay ! and don't forget to turn off the lighting haha!


haha good gameplay!

Wanna know what creeped me out more than the Ayuwoki?! THAT DANG  BACKWARDS DISTORTED BILLIE JEAN SONG BACKWARDS THAT WAS PLAYING!

thanks! great gameplay mate, a little chopped but great! and yeah. Stay tuned for the new update :)

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This game was actually pretty damn fun, not gonna lie, 10/10 must try 

thanks! stay tuned for upcoming updates :)

What was this game lol 

Man! interesting gameplay!!! and the hide spots only works if the flashlight is turned off haha stay tuned for upcoming updates!

This dude Michael scared the crap out of me! I enjoyed your game very much; it gave me a bunch of scares! 😂😂🔥

Thanks man! good gameplay! :D

Id love to see more from you guys. this game is awesome.

Amazing gameplay mate! stay tuned for upcoming updates, sick twisted things are coming !

Thanks...again great game. im so excited for the updates.

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this game is awesome. but only one thing that make me sad... why its not possible to reduze window? ;-;           #dontforgetthebadpcs              pls just do a tiny update of:

new graphics opition or avaliable win reduze or 800x600 window ;-;        Please I really want to play this game dude :v.

Hey! well, we are doing some "lowering" on the "low" settings haha, but the game won't support 4:3 aspect ratios, sorry mate :(

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4: 3? is not what I mean, I mean, like ... in the browser you can go in the bars and decrease the screen, by the bars. and in the game he does not let the game decrease by the bars. and that's what I beg of you: v, wait the game is windowed fullscreen? if yes can you do a windowed mode? or you have no time for these things?I accept if you don't want to do this :D I appreciate your game, soo i will be not angry :)

Played this a few days ago but forgot to put it on here! Loved it so much!!!

Link to my youtube channel (opens in new tab)

thank you! good gameplay :D 

Hey Felipe, again I would like to say this is without a doubt the best indie horror game that I have played on itch in months! The atmosphere, ambiance, graphics, and mechanics are very well done. 

To anybody else reading this, please play this game at least once, it's a classic XD.

Tips: There are a LOT of places to hide...Also, the key will be somewhere close..maybe ;)

If you're too afraid to play it yourself Lol

When I get into the game my mouse wont work, I cant look around. My mouse works in the main menu but not in game :(


Wow. Really terrifying experience. The model really was scary. Made me not want to ever leave my hiding spot lol


Really well done on the model, absolutely scared the crap out of me the first time I saw it. The map layout was alright, and I'm happy I was able to beat it on my last run.

I haven't played a game that has made me scream in a long time! I loved this game! Great job devs!

I loved this so much. Super scary which means a job well done.


Holy crap developer, I waltzed into this game not knowing it would change every fibre of my being. For what it is, it is hella terrifying and you definitely did a terrific job, and a tease of a part 2, what are you playing at! Again, if you want to add any voices into the game, hit me up, I'm one of those people with a voice...

Great gameplay! oh, thanks for the offer! i may need some more voice acting :) !! how about if we discuss that in discord?

Would love to, did you have a link? 

Yes ! sorry about the delay, busy day haha

Bro this game i awesome still have some bugs, but i know you will fix it.

here is my video you can see bug at 5:20 thanks

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Dude, love the game. Beat it 2 times, but, there seems to be a bug with the Ayuwoki's AI which if you hide under a desk, then come out crouched then the Ayuwoki won't catch you, he will both ignore you and won't kill you. And he will sometimes get stuck doing a cycle of some kind.

Maybe thats because he has a "detection area", so when you enter that area and you are hidden, he don't notice you are around, unless you get out of that area and enter it again. I thought about fixing this, but i think the game is hard enough as it is haha

But, what I'm trying to say is that with that encounter, I was in the detection area and he didn't acknowledge me and stood there for 2-4 seconds before moving on.

I have another encounter in which I come out of the table, I crawl my way to the hallway then the Ayuwoki's there, so I back up looking at him and he bugs out and stands still for a solid 10 seconds before moving again, and I have another similar encounter where the Ayuwoki literally comes up to me when I'm in the satanic circle and just leaves when he's clearly seen me. Still playable tho

Who would've thought this would be so terrifying lol!


Amazing gameplay! thanks for playing it :) !

Thank you for this game! Someone suggested to me and I (almost) didn't hesitate in playing it.

Once you figure out what you need to do, it's really easy. But while you don't know, you have a bizarre super-fast creature named Michael Jackson trying to eat your life away.

Looking forward for new updates!

Thanks! :) yess updates are coming!

Dude, it was quite the experience, the ayuwoki cockroach is so freaking scary!

Gratz on your release!

Thank you! <3

I almost had to quit this one after the first jumpscare, lol. Managed to finish it though with a lucky key spawn.

Haha, Great gameplay mate! it was fun to watch :)

Could we get a Linux version please?


That was unexpected! but absolutely YES, i'll compile a version :) 

Thank you!

Linux version uploaded! let me know if it works properly (wasn't able to test it)

Deleted post

Thanks! nice gameplay! :)

Deleted post

please put on Mac

Hi, already on Mac, check the download links :)

Hi, can you please slow down the moment of Gost of Michael Jackson i guess its too hard

At 2:33-2:34ish you should definitely watch because i had my volume kind of high and it scared the shit out of me from that first jump scare Michael did. XD

Cool gameplay! ahaha yep it was loud!

thanks man and ya it definitely was lol

I having problems getting the game to run, every time I click on the Escape the Ayuwoki in my files it will give a screen that says "UnityPlayer.dll was not found". I don't know what the problem is, I tried running the UnityPlayer.dll in my files but that wont work either. Sorry for the complaint was just hoping to maybe get some help so I can play the game. Thank You.

Hi! i'm sorry to hear that, btw have you moved the files from the folder? because in order for the game to work all the files should be in the same folder, and in this case that error usually popup when the .dll file is in a different folder from the .exe file.

Having a huge phobia of Michael ever since he turned White, this scared me more than it should have! 

Haha great gameplay dude! stay tune for the upcoming updates :)

There’s actually gonna be more to this game!? Can’t wait for future updates 🙌

Already updated!

Please add gragpics settings to the game. And I'm talking about to the first window that pops up when luanching the game because theres only an ultra option which just makes the game lag.

Hi, actually i've already explained that,  in the main menu you have a slider to control the graphic quality, don't mind the popup window setting.

Thanks for telling me. It runs much smoother now.

are you ok?

gud now you know how to pronounce ayuwoki.

I liked the monster in this game!  Game ended up being shorter than I expected when playing this to!  Great job with the game though. 


Indeed! You got very lucky getting the key right in there! some people are more afraid to go running around so they take longer haha, well done :)

I edited my old video's description and i made a video about the new 1.1 version of the game, you managed to fix the post processing glitch and you even made Michael Jackson faster lol, good job dev :P :D

Great! thanks a lot! and yes! now its a little bit more difficult haha

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Gave my take, my question though is, did you make the monster? Guess the same question ProofreadFire asked.

Yeah i did, it was made in two days hahaha! :D

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Very difficult and very scary. I know the map isn't yours, but is the monster?

Great gameplay! sorry about the glitches, already working on them :). Also, about the key, there are 50 random spots where the key can be, so as a hint, where it is inside one of the rooms, it always be visible, also try to look around without the flashlight, the key will "glow" and it has some sparks, but with the flashlight is 10 times more difficult to see. And yep the monster is absolutely mine. But you are right about the map, since i wanted to do this game quickly i decided to go for the asset instead of making the whole mansion from scratch.

I understand borrowing map assets, a lot of people would have borrowed everything. Nice to see You made your own monster. 

El juego está muy bien, es muy divertido, sólo que cuesta encontrar la llave pero al final se encuentra. Gracias y felicidades por el juego

Gracias! Buen gameplay! :) y sí, la llave es difícil de encontrar, son mas de 50 posibles lugares donde puede aparecer jaja.

The game is a little buggy but it's decent :) :P

Thanks for playing it! Well i must say i experienced that weird white-black screen flickering, but it was just 2 or 3 times in the entire development, i think it has something to do with the unity postprocessing. because when i disabled that, the glitch disappears. I'll look into it :), but hey! great gameplay!

Post Processing Glitch aside you did a nice job  :P

Thanks! :)

Muy buen video ya le hize un gameplay y no pude huir de la mansion

Hola!, gracias por jugarlo :), bueno una vez tengas la llave, debes bajar al hall principal y ahí habrá una puerta roja, recuerda esconderte dentro de los muebles que tienen puertas pequeñitas medias abiertas, o debajo de las mesas y claro, cuando corres, si estas dentro del rango "auditivo" del Ayuwoki, ira a ver que está causando el ruido.  Muy buen gameplay :)

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