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is there any way to download the old versions?

i played the steam version...... and then i needed new underwear

As soon as I heard "HEE HEE" 

I hid under the table fast as hell XD

HOLY SHAT. THIS GAME IS AWESOME. but for real thanks for creating this hell of a masterpiece. would be nice if 1920X1280 or 1600X900 resolutions ran better. but still amazing and addicting and creep

This Game Is So God Damn Scary!!! 

I played the free version a while ago and the steam edition i so much worse!!

My Gameplay on Chapter 4

This game is so great! the first time I played it I was in love with this game! Stay cool Deadly Crow Games <3

y he look micheal jackson?

Annie ayuwoki, 

so, annie ayuwoki,

ayuwoki annie!


This has to be one of the scariest games that I’ve played it was still a blast I hope you guys enjoy☺️

AWESOME Game! I had no idea how big this game is, if I'd known that we would of gotten farther. That being said we're gonna play it again sometime and that time we will finish the whole game. By the way this is one of the scariest games in the world. Check it out

My Gameplay on the brand new Unknown Chapter, I hope there will be more chapters like that

that was legit scary! really good game!!

My gameplay on Chapter 3

My gameplay on Chapter 2


this looks like it was made in 5 days

I present my gameplay to you on the Steam version of the game


but seriously, great game.

When the game loads then i press play it says loading at the bottom for 5 mins, then it says the application isn't responding. I keep going in the game multiple times and it won't work. please fix this!


on the steam version, there was a small 1.2mb update yesterday as of typing this and I am getting the unity error again. before that update came the game worked perfectly. can the developers please revert the update?

Great Leveldesign, nice Sound, amazing Game ;) very great reaction from the thing to the players voice ;) i will purchase in the future the full game and try it again to make it ;) love from Germany 

Can't download. "Failed - Forbidden" on Chrome. "Failed" on Firefox. Fun times.

How did they come up with this xD actually got me a few times though


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OK, i think this a great game, i just have one tiny little problem, when i first started up the game i had no problems, i got in fine, i had the screen constantly looking up, i had a controller plunged in so i figured it was that (its an older ps4 controller of mine so it has some stick drift) however when i loaded the game back up i had no sound coming from the game, has anyone else had this problem or is it just me?

Edit: i have sound when i plugin the controller but only with the same cord. 

I had the same problem on rocket league with that ps4 controller with no sound and i know why! It may be wrong what i say but its the best answer i could find , however the main problem is that the controller is connected to a ps4 soundbox and since your PC/laptop has a Pc/laptop soundbox the controller cant connect into the Pc/laptop soundbox! but thats just a theory no one knows what the problem really is.... just play with mouse and keyboard.

Is it bad that when I saw the image on the feed, I thought it was Michael Jackson?

I mea, It is x

How to Troll Ayuwoki :D

Never ever, have I ever, played a horror game that was as hard as this.

This is one of, if not the funniest video I have ever made.

Have fun spectators . . . .

I included your game in my montage. Thanks again for amazing work!


I tired playing this game and made so many mistakes lol, If yall can check my video out and show some love that would be awesome..

i may have pooped myself a lil bit

hey whats up


Hee Hee Heere we go again

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well here's my gameplay
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your remake game from steam  is already on pirate sites by the way thought i would tell ya

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