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Couldnt get it to work, Tried 32 and 64. Installed through itch and tried the downloaded one but the screen is black and whenever I click anything it just stays on the screen. Idk. Tried windowed, fullscreen, different resolutions.

I played the game, and it's not that bad, it's really good actually, but I do have one question:

Is there a downloadable OST (Soundtrack) available?, because the soundtrack of this game was interesting for me.

I have downloaded the game and opened it. I pick my language and then the menu comes up. I click play and then the screen changed to a blank screen with 'loading...' at the bottom right corner. After that nothing happens. I waited 4 minutes before clicking a few times with my mouse and the game crashes. Please, how do I fix this?

This game is still terrifying! I love hiding from the Ayuwoki and having to be silent. I can't wait to see where this game goes! Congrats on Mark playing it

The Mac OS x files are compressed so is that why the I have to play the game at the lowest graphics? 

Can you make mp3 download links to every track in the game? The music is fire! The menu music, the hallway music in the beginning, and the music upstairs near the red edit door.

In the patch notes, do you mean to say he can only hear at above 15 dB vs above -15 dB? Because even breathing into a mic would be heard by the Woki at -15 dB.


0 dB is clipping limit, normally the level was on -30dB but THAT was at like "breathing" level, thats why i lowered the thresold to -15dB. of course if you YELL at the other side of the room, the sound that actually reach the mic may  not be enough to reach -15dB, but if you breath or whisper with your mouth in the mic you are obviously producing sound above -15dB. I tested the sensitivity of the mechanic by putting my mic like 1 or 2 feet away of me and talking loud, not screaming. Of course at the end it will all depend on the sensitivity of each player's mic and the settings you have it configured in your computer.


What is the music? sounds good

thanks! but, what track of all the ones that are in the game haha?

The tracks are from the game, their usually creepy melodies and baselines of Michael Jackson's songs (prominently smooth criminal since that is how Ayuwoki got it's name from the line "Annie are you okay?") put on a piano with spooky effects added on to it.

The game just loads straight into VR for me, can anyone help?


The game has VR compatibility but its not meant to VR, some players managed it to work, don't know how tho :(

Very scary and entertaining at the same time, kinda like Michael Jackson on crack. Scared me half to death. For the best gameplay, play the game in the dark. 

"MJ on crack" hahahaha thank you so much!

Excellent game! AI Is a bit rough with the pathing and speed. Had some issues trying to get past the AI. Overall creepy vibe but I feel the AI should be dialed down just a tad but that's in my opinion. The game creates an excellent atmosphere and is well done. Congrats to the Dev keep it up and maybe add an easy mode possibly haha. Well thanks though for taking the time to craft something that provides an excellent experience.

Thank you so much! Well, in my defense i can say that working with unity's navigation its a little rigid, eventually i may develop my own navigation AI system :)

I made a reaction on the teaser of the remake of Escape the Ayuwoki, frankly I wait impatiently for this remake :)

Thank you so much! i can't quite understand  French, but it was fun! we are close to release the new version! :)

I love it! The Ayuwoki looks like Michael Jackson xD. I saw Kubz Scouts play it and it was great. Keep up the good work :D

Thank you! stay tunned for the remake :)


Definitively had a...time playing this game. Check it out and sub!

Deleted 122 days ago

Thank so much! stay tunned for the remake!

I keep trying to play it but it says that unityplayer.dll is not found even though its right there, its says to reinstall, i've tried it three times...

some people had this issue :(, make sure you have the visual redistributables things installed, also try to run it as admin

Playing Escape the Ayuwoki at 3am. This was our second attempt at escaping. Consider subscribing and liking our video

Deleted 122 days ago

Thank you so much for playing! it was fun! stay tunned for the remake! :)

We're Excited! Will it be released here or on steam?


Top notch production. Really hard though. 

This Game Is AWESOME!


I did another video on version 1.5 of Escape the Ayuwoki waiting for the Remake :)

This is completely off topic, but I would love to see the game on ps4 and Xbox. That would be really sick. Hope that comes in the future :)

Nah man definetly need a new pair of pant after this

Bro this is so creepy!





Amazing Game!

Rather good, keep it up and can't wait for the update to come out.

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This was our first time playing Escape the Ayuwoki.

I downloaded the 64 bit version of the game, and when I went to extract the zip folder, nothing was in it, so it couldn't extract. Why is this?

Try playing in a window and not full screen. We also had this issue at first.

I didn't even get to the game setup, if I go to my files and find the ETA zip folder, and click extract all, I get an error message saying that there's nothing in the file so it cant extract.

I tried to install and donated 10 dollars now i cant find the download on my computer

first you need to click download now then you'll see the 

No thanks, just take me to the downloads

above amount of money click that affer that  it will take to the link i guess you'll know what to do next huh? 

Try playing in a window and not full screen. We also had this issue at first.


Hi, I am trying to install a new version of the Ubuntu Linux.


I'm just using this account for further notice but I played it and here is the link and please... chapter 2

lol this is creepy.

Super Creepy..

well it was creepy an scary and it was entertaining, thank you also here is my play through of it  

The cover picture almost (ALMOST) looks like Michael Jackson!

eh-heh P)

because it is Michael Jackson the name ayuwoki is a play on words for are you okay from i think smooth criminal

Is that Michael Jackson?


When will the release of ayuwoki v1.6 ????  I am waiting online ~


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