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Dafuq, dats creepy, cuz, like Ayuwoki has like a nose that has skin coming out like snot, and it also seems like Ayuwoki has sharp teeth, but he hides them with such a small mouth! 


The more I play this game, the more fun it gets. Running away from the Ayuwoki monster brightens my day. Deadlycrow Games, you did an excellent job with this game. Really looking foward to the future updates.

thank you so much <3

A great game with a funny concept!

Such a different approach means it really needs to be witnessed.


just got the latest version and works fine with playing outside VR. As soon as I hook up my oculus I can get into the game just fine, but I cannot walk anywhere. I tried a xbox controller, the keyboard and the touch controllers. I cannot move at all. I can move the flashlight, I can jump, but I cannot walk. I even tried remapping the keys. What I am missing to be able to move my character in VR oculus?

My friend is having the same issue, have you found a fix yet?

Great update! Loved the new rooms and new tapes. The story is getting really interesting! It was also really nice to add the thank you room!

Joguei esse jogo muito bom, tão parabéns, até fiz um vídeo no meu canal,

momo jackson

Pour les français si sa intéresse ;) 

We play a few games from itch, including this one. Check it out yo!

this game is so scary. it has fun jumpscares. great puzzles. and it's not just a jumpscare fest. you play as a child who is living at a house. but this strange creature who is based on a Japanese folks story wants to kill you to give it more life spam. i recommand playing this game for the story and voice acting. the Ayuwoki's voice is deep and whispering which is scary.

Nice game! I like Play this on my Live Stream!❤️. [PL] ❤️

Thank you so much! it was a great gameplay :)

Amazing Game, honestly can't wait to share v1.6 with you guys!

I enjoyed the game very much. A few minor bugs but was able to complete the first part for v1.5. Well done Mr. Crow! I give you my support and best wishes.

Why am I not in your Hall of Fame?
It'sad. Please join me next time. XD

Gameplay en español

It's SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new update took me 1 hour and 26 mins to beat because of bugs. DEVS can you please put checkpoints? I'm sure i speak to everyone here when we say we want checkpoints because no one wants to start all over. ESPECIALLY when youre almost at the end. Overall good game

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Loved playing this game! 

10/10 would listen to the voices again

Best horror game ever!  

10/10 Would HeeHee again

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I would get nightmares and cry if I play this, but/and  sorry I ain't playing it until I'm 26



here is my playthrough good game super fun the load times into it are understandable its very high detail for unity enjoyed it alot can you tlit the head from side to side as it attackes you in the death sequence and maybe put some red bloody bite marks on the screen as ayuwoki opens its mouth?


cmon i have 3 videos on my yt ;p

please make separate packages for old versions

I have a question. Are you going to make this an actual game with a story mode? That would be awesome. Matter of fact, this game is already AWESOME!

it does have a story, they just didnt bother ot include it here. 

the monster is Micheal Jackson, you can look it up online. An Ayuwoki is actual lore beast, and it;'s MJ lol. not a joke. i have no idea why this isnty on the store page.

Thank you! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been waiting for a game like this for a long time.  Ironically, I do upload this the same day 1.5 comes out. LOL
Awesome job so far man, can't wait to play the next chapter! The story line is getting very eerie! I have a few suggestions in the video. Let me know what you think!

Love the new update! Very surprised about the Thank You Room <3 

I still ran into the problem of him camping me in the downstairs area, even with the Mic turned off. BUT, other then that, the game is great! Im looking forward to the next update!

love new update

Absolutely amazing update! The Bunker, Basement and Thank You Room are a fantastic edition to the game. Loving how this is turning out! 

I would literally do anything for a checkpoint system LMAO Still fun af though!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

how do i download? there's no button to do this.

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Hey guys!

Recently uploaded this video to YouTube where I play three horror games. “Dia” is one of them!

Check it out if you think you’d like it!


so i went in to the game only knowing that the monster looked scary... played and didnt get far cuz i didnt realize IT USED THE MIC!! lmao also laughed cuz i didnt actually think it was based on michael jackson! truly felt like one of the boys visiting him... second vid comes shortly


Played this a few updates ago but honestly can't wait to play the newest update.

Your game starts at 13:35 hope you enjoy the video

10/10 Would poop pants again. 

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