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Hey guys!

Recently uploaded this video to YouTube where I play three horror games. “Dia” is one of them!

Check it out if you think you’d like it!


so i went in to the game only knowing that the monster looked scary... played and didnt get far cuz i didnt realize IT USED THE MIC!! lmao also laughed cuz i didnt actually think it was based on michael jackson! truly felt like one of the boys visiting him... second vid comes shortly


Played this a few updates ago but honestly can't wait to play the newest update.

Your game starts at 13:35 hope you enjoy the video

10/10 Would poop pants again. 

First off! Hats off to you Mr. Crow! This was a strangely good horror game that actually scared me really bad! I had a blast playing it for my fans

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I love this game so much! Will you make any Escape the Ayuwoki shirts coming out soon?

When I played this game I wanted to break his leg... But it was great! Thank you for this game! :)

please make it for chrome books

hello i havent played it yet but I hope its a good game because I do love horror games ALOT!

can you make it for iOS it would be great

Can you make this game for Xbox One and PS4? That would be really cool

i'd love to, sadly the licenses are very expensive :(

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That sucks, the game would be cooler if it was also for Xbox One and PS4 along with IOS and Android. But the game is still really cool. Keep up the good work!

We should start a gofundme page for you. Help you reach the goal of acquiring the license because this game truly scares me and my friends. LET US HELP YOU. Do i have your permission to start it?

can you make the game engine little fair in the gameplay

i start the game and he is just stay almost all the time next to my hide spot not letting me any chance to move, see the video yourself


well michael jackson definitely made me feel like his little boys! i couldnt even get down the first hallway 

This game isn't sary.....I totally didn't just shit myself right next to my little brother.

Thank you for the game! I really enjoyed it. I tried :(

I'm a very simple person, I see Michael Jackson, I click

finally got the game to work (my bad btw, I didn't have the right unzip software) and it's amazing, it's just too cool, and very impressive, and the character model, and music when he's near is on point, the first time I saw him he scuttled past the cabinet I was hiding in, and I knew I was safe, but I had to cover my face because of how creepy it was, the jump scare is no where as scary as almost being found.


I played your game, and it's creepy af :D

btw I managed to glitch through a door at the end of the hallway by running backwards into the corner and looking left to right!

Great meme

i played your game and recorded to my YouTube, please watch it and enjoy my reaction XD

Great game keep up the good work! I did notice that it doesn't run too well on a mac though please fix this issue!

cos mac is shite

more like escape michael jackson hee hee

Gave this game another go... I had an even spookier time than the last time I tried it, I still don't know how to get through certain doors, but I am sure I will find out. Again, this game is overall a great game, and certainly has a great atmosphere and gameplay.

Ayuwoki? yes I'm workin

I have probably played one of the older versions of the game, I am not sure. I have recently played this in a 3 Random Games because other YouTubers were playing it and I wanted to find out why.... and I now found out why..... because it's kinda like a Granny game ish.... well.... to me at least. You have to escape him and avoid him but he's really fast and his jumpscare ANNIHILATES YOU.

For me, the game is ok and the way the game plays and sounds is pretty neat. It feels scripted, though, when you go down that hallway and then he.... maybe... hears you? I dunno. What I do know is.... I got jumpscared pretty good lol.

Will throw my experience with this game into the mix. Really scary, never thought I would ever be playing a game based on a meme based on a animatronic of Michael Jackson. Even saying it now sounds weird. That being said, well done! This game is terrifying and even though it is a very difficult game I still had a blast! 


Hey! Can you please in future updates make this game multiplayer because i really want to play with my friend multiplayer horror games and this one is the most horror game we found so far on! So if you will do a multiplayer update then let me know and reply or idk send me a message to my Discord : GalaxyDoge Antelino#7244

Back into it...

Buen juego lo disfrute mucho dejo mi gameplay para recomendarlo, espero les guste saludos amigos :)  :)  ;) :)    :)    :)   :)    :)    :) 

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Had great fun checking this game out! Without a doubt, Im coming back to this when it next updates!?! 

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:( Lol

Fun Stuff 10/10

I did more bad things to this game.

hi, big thx for the scary game :) greetings from germany




This game is really good, there's a lot of focus on both ambient fear and jumpscares from him catching you. Nice job on it!

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here is a step by step guide on how to complete version 1.4 :D 

Hope you like it and beat the game

This update changed everything! I loved the new mechanics, puzzles and lore elements that were implemented into the game! I can not wait to see what mysteries and horrors await us in Part 2! Keep up the amazing work my friend! :)  

Really enjoyed the new update! Awesome new puzzles and lore from the tapes! Loved the portrait of clumsy  :P Looking forward to the new updates! 

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